Talon’s Lair

Last week, I found Chris’ ancient website. When Yahoo closed Geocities, Reocities rescued a number of randomly picked sites for users who weren’t able to save copies of their personal sites. Chris’ Talon’s Lair was one of them.

So, what did I find?

  • A couple of photos of Chris when he was a teen. He looks really young, cuddly, and still has that swaggering posture that teenage boys love so much. He also had a tail, not visible in the pics, which would probably make 35-year-old Chris wince. (It’s okay, hun. You had a girlfriend then so that means at least one girl loved it.)
    He will kill me for this but life is all about taking risks. 🙂 So here’s one:

    Clark Gable hair and 'stache. Cute.

  • A Java and HTML tutorial. Now I have another option aside from Lissa Explains.
  • That he likes “a good date”. *raises brow* I don’t mind, as long as it’s with me.
  • Loads of information about MS and living with MS. I love this part. Anything that concerns MS awareness should be shared especially since very few people know about the disease. Because I work in a tertiary care hospital, I’m lucky to have free access to journals, articles, clinical studies, and medication data related to multiple sclerosis but most people have to rely on Google or sources like the National MS Society for info.
  • The Galletta family tree spanning 200,000 generations. Okay, maybe a bit fewer than that. But, clearly, a lot of research went into this.
  • A map and brief history of Paulsboro.
  • That he has (had?) a California sweetheart named Wendy. Awww. I like that name because I loved Peter Pan as a kid.
  • I don’t know this Jenny he is (was?) supposed to be bestfriends with. =D
  • There is a button that gives random words of wisdom like “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.”
  • That he likes all sport teams that has “Philadelphia” in it.
  • Recipes! Categorized nicely by type. Hey, I may have The Virgin Stove, but Chris did it waaay before.
  • Vintage net games. Stuff like Rubix cube, word scramble and asteroids.
  • A wisecracking stress test.
  • That there’s such a thing as Hotmail. I forgot about Hotmail. I mean, does anyone still use it? If so, they should be introduced to the wonder that is Gmail.

This isn’t a personal website, it’s a book! My very first personal site had about five pages max and I don’t even remember where it is hosted. I was still html-stupid and made it with MS Word, hahaha. I didn’t have any concept of white space so I mashed everything in one page as long as they would fit. I even used sh1tty fonts like Papyrus. *strangles self* Why did I even start talking about it?! Now I have to look for it and delete it before Chris finds it in revenge!

Currently, I just don’t bother and use blogs instead because they’re so handy. Unless I start a home business, I probably won’t take the time and energy to make a site. But seeing Chris’ old site makes me miss html coding with Notepad and building a whole site from scratch. No wonder Yahoo deleted Geocities. With Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter being so popular, who bothers with making personal websites these days?

Update: Since Geocities deleted my other sites, I only had to take out the first. I had to reactivate two deactivated email addresses, Google search the hosting service, and log in after a decade of not even looking at the site I made. So… I looked at it, laughed for 5 minutes, then deleted it.

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