Newsflash: Banco de Oro Hits a New High on Sucky Service!

BDO managed to give to wreck my morning again. I was peacefully sipping my coffee, focusing on the task that I needed to finish, when I got a call. It’s the same representative from the bank that I talked to yesterday. For a brief (*snortfle* I’ve never written anything short) history of my BDO online banking application disaster, please read this.

I was told that I really need to collaborate with the Riyadh branch to check if records show my correct signature. This is what the big guys from the home branch said. Ok… FIIIINE. I agreed to go there. Tonight, even. Even though it’s incredibly inconvenient for me as a female who is not allowed to drive in a foreign city with no public transportation, I promised to go and settle the signature discrepancy problem. You know, the same signature that I’ve used for 15 years or more.

Now comes the part that almost gave me an aneurysm.

Me: I want to make this clear. I will do what you asked me to. And if the signature problem is cleared, are you going to process my online banking application or will you require me to apply for and submit a new one?

BDO: It is advisable for you to submit a new one.

The peaceful serenity I had from last night’s hours of swimming, jogging and spiritual muni-muni shattered.

The thought of repeating the whole process from scratch: filling out the form, submitting it to the bank, mailing the hard copy by express courier, weeks of follow-up emails and phone calls that almost never get answered… For a month, I exerted so much effort to comply with their rules and they leave me hanging. The money I’ve spent and will spend on DHL alone if I do what they want is will be more than PHP 8,000 pesos — more than enough to open four basic ATM bank accounts. That’s probably more than what people in ShoeMart are paid for a month! That doesn’t even count the charges on my phone, the stress they’ve put me through, and the time I’ve wasted.

I am supposed to be a customer who chose their bank in good faith last year to hold my savings. And I’ve had nothing but grief.

I have so many words for this:







Yes. More than the anger, what I really feel is disappointment. I feel so let down. Regardless of the final result of this transaction, I will only continue my business with that bank for as long as I need them — just a few months more — and then I will withdraw all my money and deposit it to another bank that doesn’t lie when it promises to provide the simplest of services. And it won’t be a Philippine bank this time due to their Jurassic processing rules and policy that you should do their job for them.

I mean… submitting a hard copy, not scanned or faxed, regardless of where you live on earth, of an application you already filled out online with all your personal and account information to a Philippine office within a set deadline just for online banking access. I would laugh if I wasn’t so upset.

To think that all I wanted was to have online access to my own dollar account with my own money. It’s a free service offered by a million other banks. I ended up spending just for the process, wasted valuable time, and had my identity questioned. How sad.

Please, if you’re reading this, don’t ever use BDO. Especially if you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker. You’ll just end up regretting it.


8 thoughts on “Newsflash: Banco de Oro Hits a New High on Sucky Service!

  1. Hey fermi, would you mind if i send this link to the bdo customer service email? rofl. call them up and threaten that you’d withdraw all your money and will open an account with another bank if you have to do the application all over again… two things can happen: the csr will try to process your application asap or not. if the answer is no, slam the phone down without waiting for the csr’s insincere apologies and immediately withdraw your money the next day rofl.

    • Oh trust me Bert, I’ve threatened to do exactly that. I’m just really so FED UP with BDO. I spent so much time talking not just to the CSR but to the supervisor who promised to sort things out and yet asked me to do everything all over again. What for? So I can spend more money to give myself a new headache?

      Please send it to them. Even if things get sorted out by tonight or tomorrow, I have decided to close my account. I am planning to move to Chris’ country in a while so I will close my BDO account just before I fly out.

      Pity… I really intended this to be my lifetime Philippine bank account where I will deposit a portion of my savings through the years and use it for local investments or purchases.

    • I am from Arizona and i sent money to my sister in the so happened that my ate lacked some identification..this certain DIVINE ONG of BDO masinag branch maltreated my sister.

      Next time i visit the Phils. I will make it a point to make u learn ur lesson bitch!
      BDO sucks!
      Employees are arrogant! Maybe its time for u to review ur GMRC..
      Good luck when we meet DIVINE ONG!

      • So sorry to hear that, Angel. Wow… ever since my own bad experience, I’ve been hearing a lot of problems customers had with BDO. They really should look at their service instead of spending time and money making those Piolo Pascual ads.

        I decided to close my account after they finally told me that they couldn’t do anything to help. Don’t want to deal with BDO anymore.

  2. you wouldnt guess what happened ferm, they replied to my email. rofl. :

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    Due to the limited internet access that we have, we are unable to view the

    May we request that you copy the whole blog and send it to us via email
    instead of the URL?

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve our service.

    We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and good day.

    Dennis Dingle
    eServices Unit
    BDO Customer Contact Center

    ….so i copy pasted this entry and sent it back. I wonder what they are going to say regarding this matter hheheehehehehe 🙂

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