The problem about having maintenance meds that has a billion possible side effects is that you can’t choose the side effects yourself. Different people respond in various different ways. I know I’m being silly. So what did I get?

One is dizziness. I spent the whole morning until the early afternoon being so dizzy that I can’t walk or stand because I’d be in danger of collapsing. It’s not the same as when I experience vertigo. With the latter, the room shakes like a seesaw and it disappears after 5-10 minutes. The former is different. I felt wave after wave of dizziness, causing a lot of confusion (which is another side effect). Trying to work through that was difficult.

Another one of my gifts is increased irritability. I try to avoid it, but I noticed that I lose my temper or get ticked off way more often than I used to be. My family members and my fiance were all notified just in case they wonder why I’ve suddenly become a b1tch overnight.

I’m thankful I didn’t get any of the more dangerous adverse reactions. I’m also sure that these inconveniences will mostly disappear or will be greatly minimized after approximately two months. It’ll pass, so I’m not worried or upset about it.

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Speaking of irritability, a couple of things related to phone calls made me snap recently.

Yesterday, some random employee from another department was way too sharp over something trivial. So I called her back and told her directly that I thought she sounded unprofessional even though she might not mean it. She called me “sensitive”. Really? I spent  seven years in three medical departments and worked with some of the more “exotic” personalities in the institution, yet no one has been as impolite as her. While I have heard about her rude attitude and rudeness from various colleagues over the years, I preferred to give her the benefit of the doubt. Well, now I know. The conversation ended with us agreeing to disagree. I don’t think she will change her perception of telephone manners and she probably thinks I’m a twit for challenging her, but at least I got to tell her what I thought of her directly without telling other people behind her back.

The other matter was a lot more serious. It involved issues with Banco de Oro, a Philippine bank, where I keep my savings. I chose the bank from my mother and brother’s recommendations and the OFW-friendly services I read from their website. But I needed the convenience of internet banking and thought it wouldn’t be any problem to just apply online and enter all the required personal and account information, just like any international bank. But they needed me to print the form, sign it, and submit the hard copy to the Riyadh branch. As strange (and backward!) as I thought it was, I complied. The teller assured me that he will send the scanned copy to the corporate office in Makati and I will be informed of the approval by email.

So I waited. And waited. And the following events occurred.

  • After two weeks of waiting, I emailed customer service and asked them about the status of my application.
  • I was told that I have to submit the hard copy of the application form myself before the month-long grace period ends.
  • This is the second time I tried to apply for internet banking access and I sent them the hard copy by registered mail last time and got no response. But I was nice and thanked the guy. I re-printed the document, signed it and spent unnecessary money for an express international courier, DHL, to deliver the form directly to the specific department in Makati.
  • A week after I got DHL’s confirmation that the document was received by a certain employee, I followed it up by email again as I didn’t receive a response. This is becoming a trend.
  • It took two more follow-up emails and two phone calls using my cellphone with international rates since their toll free was useless, which didn’t work because nobody knew anything that was happening — all over the course of another week — before they wrote back. It was a different agent this time. And you know what he said?
  • He said that the signature on my application form was different from my other documents so I needed to submit another signature specimen, and they ominously said that it would affect all my future transactions.
  • I was sick, bitched at, and now I was tossed aside like an annoying fly.
  • I lost it.

I unnecessarily spent more money calling the Makati office from Riyadh, got transferred from one customer service rep to another until I reached the supervisor after a million years of waiting and listening to shrill advert jingles. And BY GOD, I told her that I submitted all my necessary identification when I opened the account, and I used the SAME GODDAMNED signature for ALL of them including ALL of MY EFFING IDs, other bank accounts and my PASSPORT, that they should NOT INCONVENIENCE ME FURTHER after I spent a lot of money for a supposedly FREE SERVICE just to submit the hard copy and following-up a simple application, and how DARE they imply that it’s NOT ME who sent all of it, signed ALL of it, deposited (MY) MONEY faithfully every month. I do not LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES where I can’t jump on a jeepney to the nearest bank. I don’t want to speak to another stupid PEON who will tell me useless things and order me around to do THEIR JOB as a bank, their service SUCKS DOGBALLS and I will WITHDRAW EVERY CENT and transfer to another bank who will TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS BETTER if this business is not resolved. And, lastly, I REFUSE TO GO TO ANY BRANCH, SUBMIT A SIGNATURE SPECIMEN, OR SEND THE HARD COPY OF THE STUPID SPECIMEN OR WHATSOEVER TO A PHILIPPINE ADDRESS BY DHL COURIER AGAIN  just to prove that I am who I am after all the CRAP that they’ve put me through!


They told me that they’ll fix it.

See? There’s nothing a little polite phone call couldn’t fix. 😛

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