A Hat Full of Sky

Last Wednesday, out of curiosity, I weighed myself in the gym. It couldn’t be attributed to a loss of water weight because I just drank a full bottle of water after running, sit-ups, crunches and pilates. I was gratified to see that I lost 1 kg already. Now, 1 kg may not seem much, but it’s 2.2 pounds in just four days of this. And I’m not even strictly dieting! YAY!

I refuse to be a slave to the scale since I absolutely believe that one can tell through one’s clothes. And there’s a mirror. I might weigh in again after 2-3 weeks. For now, I’m just enjoying this because I feel so much better.

Now I just need to keep it up.


The connection was wonky the whole day yesterday. We did try to reset the router 1,000x. Sometimes, it gave us false hope. It would show a speedy connection (blue-green light) but would turn into a slow one (blue) that would quickly degenerate to a snail’s pace (green). My nightly Skype conversations with Chris lasted for a total of 5 seconds. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Everyone got pissed but so many things were done. Dad cleaned the A/C, Mom organized a million things, Jiko… I don’t know what Jiko did, Sofia practiced her numbers and slept early, and I managed to (1) cook pumpkin soup, (2) load my Kindle with more than a hundred ebooks, (3) start and finish A Hat Full of Sky, and (4) start Wintersmith. And we watched two movies.

See what having no Facebook, Farmville, Amebo Pico, Galaxy Online II, and Star Pirates can do to a family. By the time the internet got back up, I was too sleepy and played halfheartedly for a few minutes before going to bed.

Speaking of Discworld books, I’m on a quest to finish all of them and all the Dresden files right after. I chose A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith because I’ve been very fond of the lead character, Tiffany Aching, and all the witches ever since I read I Shall Wear Midnight months ago. If you’re a regular Discworld customer, you know that Pratchett’s well-cultivated world is composed of hundreds of interesting characters. The focus of each novel shifts from one to the other, giving almost everyone a chance for the spotlight. The books are always interesting, the stories worth reading, and the way fiction depicts real life is just too funny. I ♥ Pratchett! (I secretly like him more than Neil Gaiman, who I think is a genius of his own right but tends to take things too seriously.)


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