30 Before 30

This week showed a burst of activity in my cooking blog, The Virgin Stove. I finally posted the baking process and adapted (or borrowed) recipes along with photos of my latest kitchen adventures. Click each photo to see the desired recipe.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Cheese Cake

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Yesterday, I had every intention to make whole wheat carrot muffins. And then I realized I had no carrots. And I left my wallet at work. Hopefully, the planets will align themselves today and I’ll get to bake at least two batches of those healthy muffins.

On an entirely different note, Trish, Alet and I have been talking about turning thirty soon. When we were kids, we all have said, “By 30, I want to have a family, a PhD, a dog, a big house, and a superfantastic job in some multinational company where I can wear suits everyday.”

Of course, our priorities change over the years. I don’t even have a master’s degree yet. I don’t think I’ve found my calling. I don’t have a dog although my fiance has the two most beautiful chihuahuas in the world. The big house will have to wait until we have enough saved and my credit is good enough for financing. The kids… well, kids will come when they do, though I would prefer for us to be financially stable first. And, last but not the least, I don’t like wearing suits so you can scratch the multinational drone idea. If you usually dress like you’ve inherited your sartorial taste from an eccentric great-aunt then, by God, own it! (Even at work. *wink*)

Alet will see the big three-oh next year while Trish and I will be 30 in less than three years. We all agreed that we don’t mind growing older at all. Alet particularly loves the way older people look with all the wrinkles and decades of stories etched on their faces. In spite of our apathy about turning 30, the age is still a landmark for most. Trish has made her own 30 before 30 list, which is a list of 30 things that you want to do or achieve before you turn 30. Alet has a shorter but ambitious list, which includes learning French, Spanish and Japanese and learning how to play Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto.

As for me… Hmm. I guess I better make a 30 before 30 list, too.

  1. Start my master’s degree (possibly MBA)
  2. Buy a house with Chris (or at least be close to that)
  3. Rip interiors of said house apart and repaint, refurnish, and install necessary trappings to achieve a contrasting modern/vintage effect
  4. Make sure that said house has a garage or backroom that can be turned into a simple studio/workroom so Chris wouldn’t have to trip over my canvases and unfinished DIY projects (or complain about the mess). And I’ll have much needed privacy when I work.
  5. Have at least one child on the way
  6. Re-marry somewhere where my family is so we can say our Catholic vows and have my family witness it, too
  7. Start my own business, even if it’s small and home-based
  8. Learn how to cook Oops, got that already!
  9. Learn how to fly (a plane; I’m not Arthur Dent)
  10. Learn how to swim
  11. Learn how to drive and get a license
  12. Learn how to ride a bike (I know, I suck)
  13. Learn how to apply make-up properly as I barely use them and end up making a mess of my face when I actually do
  14. Read all the Discworld books (I’m halfway through!)
  15. Strengthen my legs and improve endurance by making running a part of my routine
  16. Have a washboard flat tummy
  17. Find the superbly creative (but less insane) Van Gogh in me and paint something I would be proud of
  18. Fill the house with books! I hope my children will love reading more than the TV and computers
  19. Go on a brief European tour so Chris can visit Sicily and I can finally see Florence (ok, I’m pushing it)
  20. Finish a major DIY project: Either make my own sturdy, vintage, but lovely reclaimed wood dining table as they’re sold for ridiculously high prices or make a spanking big mason jar chandelier to hang in the dining room
  21. Continue to improve my photography skills; maybe get a bigger lens and a more advanced Canon dSLR *crosses fingers*
  22. Sew a set of curtains and throw pillow covers
  23. Be more organized with everything
  24. Find a wonderful, stable job that makes me happy (and allows me to wear occasionally wacky stuff)
  25. Finally learn how to brew coffee properly (see, I told you I suck)
  26. Be on the way towards being a more patient and wiser person
  27. Manage to pass 30 without getting a wrinkle on my face
  28. Living a life without trapping myself into a consumerist lifestyle
  29. Go on a cross-country road trip with Alet and Trish
  30. Visit as many art galleries, museums, and secondhand bookstores as I possibly can

There is a 31st goal. But that will never be printed on this blog. 🙂


2 thoughts on “30 Before 30

    • I forgot to put “take care of my health so I can remain seizure free”. LOL

      I hope we get to do most, if not all, of the things we listed. It’s a great base for a vision board.

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