Ipanema Galore

We went to Shoe Arena to pick up a couple of Ipanema flip-flops for my cousins. You need to go past the shelves of cheap/overpriced unattractive shoes before you hit gold at the very back of the store. This is where all the colorful Brazilian slippers and sandals are sold — Havaianas, Ipanema, Ihabela, Grendha, Dupe — tucked away as if nobody is really interested in buying them.

Except for us. We go all the way to Rimal, which is an hour’s drive away, just for slippers. We discovered the store in 2009 and we go back every time one of us wants another colorful slipper. (As if we need more.)

And… the loot! Mom prefers light-colored ones. I think her choices look really good.

I fell in love with Ipanema’s  new Gisele Bundchen Borboletas, which are so feminine and comes in different bright colors. My other one is like Mom’s, only darker.

We bought one each for my two cousins, Kathrina and Alyana. Kathrina is the older sister, but she has tiny delicate feet and we had trouble looking for a white sandal that’s her size. We ended up getting the purple one with a cute heart strap. We chose the Bundchen sandal that’s just like mine for Alyana, but in a slightly bigger size.

And, last but not the least, pink/purple jewel thongs for the small one.

Sofia is getting so big. I took a pic of her feet with her new slippers last year and her feet looked so baby-cute and soft then.



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