If I were a celebrity fashion critic…

*facepalms* Oh, Johnny (Depp)… Please don’t fight the hot. You’re wasting it!

This is a miss on so many points. I don’t get why Alexa Chung is supposed to be a sartorial wondergirl.

…and I never will. This is a sweatfest that’s waiting to happen.

The 90’s just punched me in the face. I had pants like these when I was 14 and still clueless. Ed Westwick, you’re much older and hopefully wiser.

Blake, I love your height, your figure, your LEGS, and the fact that Karl Lagerfeld thinks you’re his muse. I wish I shared all those qualities with you. But not the face, skin tone, or hair. I kind of like mine. Plus, just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to show ALL of it. Unless that’s a pool party and you’re ready with a bikini underneath.

I’m going back to The Sartorialist for fashion advice.

[All photos are from GFY.]


3 thoughts on “If I were a celebrity fashion critic…

  1. Hahaha!! 😀 Good assessment!
    But I actually ADORE! Blake Lively!!! Heheheh

    and I love what you did on your layout… if I could only do something like this…..

    • Oh I love Blake Lively! I think she’s one of the prettiest and most underappreciated actresses. People concentrate too much on what she wears, what she looks like, etc. I wish they’d give her more challenging film roles so she can show her range.

    • By the way, this layout is one of WordPress’ themes. very minimalist since I’m sick of having to think of designing a header, colors, etc.

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