Baby Bump


Yes, I did go to the gym yesterday. No, I shouldn’t have run as vigorously as I did after not working out for two months. Yes, I will return later after work to continue my torture. I do believe in the sriracha rooster’s philosophy.

Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.
Stay with it. This is your pain. It’s right here.
What you’re feeling is premature enlightenment.
It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything.

Of course, he (it?) was talking about a reaction to chili sauce overdose, but you get the idea. And now that the intermission number is done, let’s get to the main presentation:


Yes, my friend Ina. The one who plays Wii tennis with feelings. The one who probably plays every sport known to man. The one who looks stunning in every picture even if she wears sweatpants or glow-in-the-dark pajamas. The one who plays (real) tennis so well but her mom is still better because Tita Helen is the goddess of the court. The one who got married last March. The one who has been friends with Philip for five years before realizing that he really is the one for her. Yes, she’s that girl!


Sorry for deluge of information. But I’ve been keeping this secret for a week and it’s been gnawing at my gut, forcing itself to be known while I drew on the power of all my chakras to keep it at bay.

The Girls: Ina, me, Jovett, Chie, Shine, Janis. Jaja was on vacation when we took this pic.

I’m just superbly happy for her. I’ve always known that Ina wanted to have children. She would tell me all about her adventures with her cousins, nieces and nephews. I saw all the videos and even memorized the names of the little ones because her enthusiasm is just so infectious that you’d feel as if you were there with her, filming all those precious scenes. Her love for kids is clearly genuine. As far as I know, the only child who managed to intimidate Ina was my little sister, Sofia, with her raging Terrible Two hormones.

The Girls are growing up. Janis and Shine got married last year. Now Ina got engaged, married and pregnant in the span of a few months. I’m going to be married next. Jovett might tie the knot next year. As for Chie and Jaja, I only wish that they’d meet the most wonderful men on the planet who will worship the ground they walk on. It seems it was just yesterday when we were snotty 21-year-olds who thought that Kudu is the shitz.

Ins, I wish you and Philip all the best. I pray that God will gift you with a beautiful son or daughter who would listen to your lessons as he/she grows up. I wish you and Philip would procreate more and produce more kids with superfantastic gorgeous genes. I hope someday we’ll get to meet again after we both leave Saudi Arabia. I’ll bring the apple-cinnamon muffins, you bring your banana cake, and we can have a picnic with the roar of Niagara Falls in the background. Love you, girl.


4 thoughts on “Baby Bump

  1. You’re back healthbuffing! ❤
    I love you for including me, shine and jovez in your story of marriage and marrying plans…

    U plan on having a baby right away Steffi?
    I feel guilty for not wanting to have a baby yet.. people pray for me to get pregnant… its like they're counter-attacking Diane35 which I take religiously. I hope God won't punish me by the time we actually want one.

    How are you? I miss talking to you.
    Hope we could hang out sometimes….

    • Of course, we’re a team! And I have to exercise because I am fat beyond belief. I gained a kilo since we last met. I need to be slimmer because it’s cheaper to use my old clothes than buy new ones.

      On baby plans, Chris and I don’t want to have babies right away, although we do want kids. It’s just for practical reasons because I will be jobhunting and will need to find a stable job and stay there for at least a year or so before getting preggers and demanding maternity leave. I don’t think anyone would hire me with a baby bump. 🙂 We’re going to take advantage of that period to know each other more.

      And after that… babies galore! Though I only want 2. Three is too much for my uterus and kids cost money. I’d have to exert 200% extra effort in the gym after each delivery.

      Don’t worry too much about it. I’m sure you and Kaiser have good reasons for delaying things. Though you shouldn’t delay too long… after taking pills, it sometimes takes 6-24 months to get preggy.

      We need to get together. Kahit coffee lang. Basta may kuwentuhan. 🙂

  2. funny life is really amazing with friends around to share all our laughters, memories, plans, pains, and opinions on various things…

    it’s real fun having you around girls.. thank God for having known you all. steffi i will miss u talaga. though i know web is around, still i will miss our chikas…lolz. anyway, hang out naman tau nila janis… one of these days.

    miss u all

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