I ordered the wedding rings today. Yep, we’re really doing this. 😀 Two plain 18k white gold bands with engravings of our first names. I considered getting a diamond-encrusted one for me (Chris prefers it plain for himself) but I chose not to because:

  • I would eternally worry about losing one of the little diamonds and would never wear it.
  • It might hurt my finger as I’m not that used to wearing rings.
  • It’s going to jack up the price and we don’t need unnecessary luxuries right now.

And… that’s it for now. I’ll write something substantial tomorrow. I just ate lunch and I feel sleepy and brain dead. Plus I need to work do something else.

Please don’t contact me tonight. I’ll be doing my laundry very busy and will probably not look at my phone. (As if I ever do, hehe.)


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