Why chop when you can crush?

One of the annoying prep chores when one is a noob cook is chopping nuts. It takes so much time and effort, creates a big mess, and the nuts are perpetually trying to escape the execution.

As a fast fix, I toss all the nuts in a plastic bag, squeeze all the air out and loosely tie the bag shut. Place the bag of nuts on the counter and take out your extra large peanut butter glass jar. With the jar, pound the nuts according to your desired size (medium chunks? tiny chunks? almost powdery?). Open the bag and use the nuts as you wish.

Takes about a minute. 😀


3 thoughts on “Why chop when you can crush?

    • No prob, Trishy. We’re crush addicts in the family. My mom doesn’t mince garlic, nor does she use a garlic press. She uses the same method I described above but uses a hammer until the garlic is almost liquid. She says you taste it better. Hah!

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