Oh no… not again!

I’ve been playing Galaxy II Online on Facebook for 2-3 weeks now. It’s fun, like Farmville for Trekkies (or Starcraft lovers according to my bro, Jiko). It’s an advanced and complex game for a Facebook app and I appreciate the graphics and fast server. So far, I’ve been quietly developing my planet, concentrating on quests, building my ships, upgrading my space base and fighting in Instances, which are game-generated challenges where your fleets fight against the “computer”, to gain experience.

Chris, being Chris, set up a corps: Space_Enforcers. It’s like a family in mafia games. But the difference is, in Galaxy II, joining an in-game corps is necessary to make some headway in the game and completing certain quests. I initially joined Legends, didn’t do much, and then decided to leave and join Space_Enforcers instead. Why? Since I was donating large amounts of resources to my corps everyday, I figured I may as well help Chris out by making sure the resources go to his corps and contribute to advancing its ranking.

And then, starting yesterday, I started getting these odd messages from an individual we will call MrPooPee (I’m not being mean, it’s his chosen game name). The first one was something along these lines:

Subject: greetings
If you quit your corps you will save yourself. your leaders actions betray what your corps stands for. and we will destroy any 

My response: MrPooPee, you shouldn’t threaten girls you don’t even know.

I giggled while clicking send. This is exactly the sort of nonsense that I had to deal with for 2 effing years while playing Mob Wars — the game I left ages ago. Personally, I have no time and no tolerance for this brand of game BS. Admittedly, this is also the type of BS we used to spew out back when we were oh-so-in-character while playing MW. But the good thing about going through all that is you get tired of it, get disgusted with yourself, and realize what a d1ckhead you’ve been. (Which is partly why I walked out of the scene before I turned into a complete asshole.)

And then, the next day, I got this:

Subject: Last Chance
Message: Withdraw from your corps to save yourself, this is your last chance

My response: What is wrong with you? o_O Do you get happiness from sending stuff like this to strangers.

And then I gave Chris the “Your actions as a Leader reflect on your whole team” speech. Knowing Chris, I’m sure he had been attacking planets all over the place and cackling every time he gains extra resources. This is really my fault for joining his corps. (Just kidding, hun. :D)

MrPooPee and the rest of Harkonnen:

  • If you like to play, I do too.
  • If you want to attack me in game or in real life, don’t tell me several times in advance. Just do it!
  • Although I probably have to thank you for giving me a little extra time to muscle up my fleets.
  • Interrupting my lovely routine pisses me off. If you piss me off, I will attack you over and over. Forever. Or until I get tired of it.
  • I had an awful day. The line in the Embassy was terribly long. And it was hot outside. *woe* Thanks for giving me a target.
  • Who’s in character now?

Live long and prosper. \\//,


One thought on “Oh no… not again!

  1. hahahahahaha. that’s my woman! she is back! and believe me a terminator is child’s play when it comes to her playing style – polite, quiet and courtious with a sword, gun, and now a laser rifle loaded and cocked and ready to fire at will. Baby your back *kiss* 🙂

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