On Bureaucracy

Just had a long convo with my fiance, Chris, last night about all the paperwork we have to deal with my immigration process. Paperwork plus bureaucracy makes me uncomfortable, especially considering how forgetful I can be. I’m the type of person who will show up and forget to bring that one tiny but vital requirement and screw up the whole process. Aside from maximizing the use of my Google Mail, Calendar and Documents, I have this little notebook/planner where I list everything down for urgent work and errands.

I remember having a thick file of stuff whenever I had to apply for a UK visit visa. Aside from the loads of attachments, their 21-page application form in 2008 surprised me. It had the strangest questions. (Have you ever engaged in terrorism? Er, nope. Unless you could that time when I took the last piece of candy hostage and all hell broke loose at home.) I was so relieved to find out in 2010 that they had newer, shorter replacement.

I should chain that notebook to my waist.

I’m going to have to visit the Philippine Embassy tomorrow and renew my passport and figure out how to get an authorization to renew my police clearance by proxy. It’ll take two months for me to receive my new passport so I better start early.


Speaking of Chris, I can’t believe he called my little sister cute to her face. It’s just what her already inflated 6-year-old ego needs. Now, Sofia gets really smug when I tease her and she declares “I’m cute because Kuya Chris said so.”

Hah! šŸ˜€


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