Willie Revillame assumed the role of victim as he had many times in the past. He asked why he was being persecuted… “Why are you doing this to me?” cried the “victim”, whose current network contract is said to guarantee him billions.

These are familiar statements because we have heard them from many mouths. They are the stock defense of every sidewalk vendor arrested for not having a permit, every policeman suspended on graft charges, and every politician caught stealing. “Why are you persecuting me?” and “I am the victim here.”

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Let me get this straight: I do not like Willie Revillame. I think he’s uncouth, loud and disrespectful. His treatment of women in general is despicable and brings us back to how it was in the mid-20th century when women were more objectified. He uses the masses to his advantage. Everything in life is about marketing, and Mr. Revillame is a master of manipulating the opinions of (most of) the Phlippine public to his advantage.

  • Teach a man to fish. His continuous giveaways of resources (cash, houses, cars, etc.) to the poor can be seen as generous and admirable. Personally, I commend him for it, especially since he encourages Balikbayans who are more flush with money compared to the average Filipino to donate as well. It brings out the generosity in people. But it is a short-term solution to a chronic cancer.

    Programs like Gawad Kalinga and CFC’s ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) are working for a long-term permanent solution and are continuously searching for volunteers. But they are not as popular.

  • The tearful dancing boy. Janjan wasn’t his fault. He didn’t teach the child to dance, the father did. And now the parents are suing him because they taught their child to perform like a macho dancer in a TV show. Mr. Revillame, being a seasoned host, made the best of a bad situation that was already there by making light of it and poking fun at himself as well.

    Children do not think with malice, adults do. What is up with ABS-CBN’s massive character assassination? I do not like Willie but stepping on someone who is already down is never good in any situation. And who is prodding and backing up Janjan’s parents? Hmm.

Hopefully, Mr. Revillame will learn even more from this episode. And that he would appreciate his supporters instead of using them to further his own interests. People never change unless they are strongly determined to do so themselves, and it’s never too late while one is still alive.

I can be a pompous ass sometimes, but I know how to say sorry after the initial bout of self-righteousness. Mr. Revillame, my fellow pompous ass, do you know how to apologize properly?

Maybe I should ask Liz Almoro instead. 😉


2 thoughts on “Why Willie Revillame is So Popular

  1. True enough, Willie is a victim again of people who want to put him down. A very successful person as he is, his heart goes to the poor, aged, underprivileged & disabled. I have never seen a TV host like him who is being adored, loved & almost proclaimed a Hero. To the poor, he is Hope. To the lonely, he is the entertainer. to the aged people, their son. there’s noone in showbiz that I could think of that gained such Love & Admiration from the masses.
    Keep it up Willie. Millions of people are rallying behind you. Noone can ever put a Good Man down!!!
    Go back to your show Willie. We are already missing you a lot!!! We love you so much & will always defend you in whatever ways we can. Go on keep on helping the poor, keep on entertaining the aged & the lonely people. The whole world is waiting for your comeback!!

  2. willie is popular because he is the only person ,artista o host na puedeng yakapin at puedeng hipuin ,puedeng halikan ng mga fans ,Very accomodating ,madaling kausapin ,madaling lapitan ,madaling hingian ng tulong ,Siya lang ang artista na puedeng makahalubilo sa mahihirap na tao .
    kuya willie bumalik ka dahil miss na miss na kita kayo ni shalani ,hindi completo ang araw ko kapag hindi kita nakikita sa tv. Ilove you kuya willie and ate sha. God bless you .

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