Thinking of Ms. Swift

(Fan-made photo art from Google Images)

A few nights ago, we were in the car on the way to a picnic party. We were all listening to the song blaring from my Dad’s radio and, at first, I didn’t recognize the voice. The song was pretty cute, daring in a young 20-something kind of way, and heart-wrenchingly honest. The beat wasn’t bad either, it was very catchy for a song I’m hearing for the first time.

And then my 6-year-old sister piped up:


And she started singing along with Ms. Swift. Loudly.

Anyone who knows Sofia would know how much she looooves Taylor Swift. She watched all her videos, memorized all her songs, and has sung along with her on Youtube a million times! She would squeal whenever she catches a Taylor Swift interview on TV and asked us to buy a concert ticket once. (The image of a then 5-year-old Sofia jamming with teenagers in an arena is just… weird.)

It did make me pay more attention to Ms. Swift’s latest album. I’ve heard the song Speak Now and liked it, but what about the rest of the album? I checked reviews from Rolling Stone and NY Times to start and I was intrigued. They were very favorable reviews, a lot better than I expected since the subject is a wildly popular country/pop princess. But talent is talent no matter what the genre.

I’m definitely downloading Speak Now when I get home.


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