Too much political correctness becomes… well, incorrect.

While browsing through The Sartorialist’s latest posts, I saw his photographs of a fashion blogger and amateur photographer, Angelika. The post had a pretty long commentary from Scott Schuman and, knowing how rare he writes on his posts, I read the whole thing with interest. Even the comments.

In the post, he praises Angelika’s styling of herself. He also noted that she was a fresh change from the usual heroin-chic fashion bloggers that seem like the norm these days. I’m not a fan of those, myself, since I don’t find Cory Kennedy-types attractive. I do like What Katie Wore and Style Bubble — both whom are quite curvy.

Back to Angelika. In his commentary, Schuman used the words “sturdy” to describe Angelika’s legs and “curvy” to describe her figure. He even said that she was bigger than certain stick-thin fashion bloggers and he found it very attractive. He was simply full of compliments! Yet commenters who were probably of the non-slender variety themselves complained soundly about his use of the words sturdy, curvy and big. Some even said that he should have used “normal”.

Normal??! Hahahaha. Now I would be very pleased if anyone called me curvy. 🙂 I also said so myself that I am bigger than most Filipina women who tend to be quite skinny. My legs, being the strongest (read: sturdiest) limbs of my body, are my second favorite parts to show-off. I remember being very insulted when Chris once called me a “normal girl”. I equate normal to typical and boring.

For eff’s sakes! Please, spare the political correctness. While the comments were peppered with “Ouch!” or “You shouldn’t have said that” and “You should have different words”, I imagine that Angelika would be pleased by the exact words and special attention Schuman showered on her. (I checked her blog. Yep, she was more than happy.)

In short:

  • CURVY does not mean OBESE. It means “with curves”. Last I checked, women don’t carry the Y chromosome so we’re supposed to have curves.
  • STURDY doesn’t mean GARGANTUAN. Check your dictionary.
  • And not everyone was born as a hip-less waif so the description “skinny” cannot be applied to all.

Sart, don’t be apologetic. What you said was just fine. Ignore the idiot wannabe proofreaders with self-esteem issues.

I also want to have those violet Jeffrey Campbell Litas.  *major shoe envy*


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