A 40-gigapixel 360-degree photo of the Strahov Library

This is amazing.

The first 40-gigapixel, 360-degree photograph. It is the largest indoor photo in the world as of March 2011. And what could be a better subject than the baroque Strahov Library?

To capture the images, the German-made GigaPanBot sends the camera on a pattern that starts at the very top of the library, going back and forth in rows, working its way downward over five days of shooting.

“I started from the ceiling, and by the time they kicked me out at 5 p.m. the first day, I had done maybe 20 percent of the hall,” Martin says. “So I hit pause and left everything right where it was until the next morning. That’s one advantage of shooting in an 18th-century library — my camera is the least valuable thing in the room.”

Read more from Wired.

The first thing I thought was: I want to get my hands on those books. Which was quickly followed by: I want to get my hands on Jeffrey Martin’s robot camera.


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