Marimekko is ♥

I first ran into Marimekko prints when I was browsing for alternative sofa covers for the IKEA Klippan. I found Bemz, which offered beautiful printed covers but at prices that were much more expensive than the couch itself! Then while browsing through Bed Bath & Beyond,  Target, Macy’s, IKEA, and other places for bedding and not finding anything I even remotely liked, I found bedding with Marimekko prints in Crate & Barrel.

A little bit up there in price but they do offer sale items. And they’re all so pretty! They’re exactly what I want: rich, modern, and vivid.

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Check out Crate & Barrel for more.

I added the Samovaari Surf and Madison Plum and Persimmon in our registry. I felt a little guilty because I think they’re a tad expensive for bedding. But I’m sure that if we don’t get it as a gift I’ll save and get a few of these eventually.

Speaking of the wedding, I made a wedding website upon Danielle’s suggestion. Since WordPress made it so easy and quick, it didn’t take long to put it together:

Chris & Steffi | On getting hitched.


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