I dream of Jeannie… Oops! I meant “money”!

One of the royal decrees is:

A one-time cash payment of two months salary to all government employees, including members of the military, in addition to two months worth of living stipends to Saudis studying under government scholarships.

Since I work in a government hospital, I get an extra day off that I can use when I want to. I’m also one of the thousands of expat employees who’s wondering whether we’re part of the 2-month bonus or is it exclusively for Saudis.

What will I do with the money if we get it? Ideas are already popping up in my head.

  • A BlackBerry for my mom.
  • Two new shoes for me.
  • Accessories for my Canon EOS.
  • A PSP for my brother, Jiko.
  • A nice meal in a nice restaurant for Dad.
  • And maybe one of those pricier Barbies for Sofia.

But I know myself. I’d probably choose one among my options above and then I’d save the rest. I do have to save a lot! Plus, Chris and I just hired a photographer for our wedding and they don’t come cheap.

But, first, I have to pray that my company will give us the 2-month bonus awarded by the King. 😉


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