Murphy’s Loft: A Vintage Secondhand Bookstore that Used to be a Barn

I love secondhand bookstores. I bought a large volume of my book collection from shops like Booksale back when I was still studying in Ateneo since, just like a typical college student, I had limited resources to spend on luxuries like books. And I wanted – no, NEEDED – to read lots of books.

I own a Kindle, which was given to me by my fiance, but real books with their substantial weight, papery smell and classic fonts are still best.

Recently, I considered having our engagement session shot in two locations. Two because they each have to represent an aspect of our personalities. And I chose a vintage secondhand bookstore for mine. I was anxious if I could find one around Chris’ area but, thanks to Google, I stumbled on this:

Murphy’s Loft
53 N. Main St.
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

Images from Historic Mullica Hill.
More photos on The Season of Plum and Cobblestone and The Secondhand Beat.

Isn’t it charming? It’s a barn converted into a secondhand bookstore. I can just see myself spending hours inside, searching for treasures. 🙂 I’ll have some books for the bookshelves I’m planning to buy since I’m taking very few with me. Who cares about silly decorations and dust-attracting figurines when one has books all over the place? Maybe if I buy enough books I can ask permission from the owner and disturb her peace and quiet to lug a photographer and my fiance inside (and outside) for a couple of hours. Heck, it’s free advertising!

It makes me feel (just slightly) less sad about moving. One is never alone with books for company.

I wonder what Chris will pick for the second location. Hmm.


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