The conference is over and I no longer have to wake up before dawn. No more long overtime hours and crawling back to my apartment just to sleep. There are no more chocolate/blueberry muffins in my future (at least during the next year or so). Or free Ferrero chocolate cakes (yum!!!).

On a more personal note, I’m glad Ina & Philip’s engagement party is done as well. We had fun planning and helping the couple out. Ina’s girls all showed up and did their share of the work. The teamwork was perfect but the most important thing was we all expressed our love and support for the couple. My assignment was decorator/baker/quasi-photographer. And to prove just how tooby I am, I’ve forgotten to take photos of the two cakes I made for I&P and can’t post it on my cooking blog. 😦

This just means that I have to bake again. Please visit my apartment on the designated day and prepare for a carbofest!


Speaking of carbofests, I have to bake again today. Applesauce cake with cheesy cinnamon frosting. Sounds good? I’m so into apples lately. And cinnamon. And cheese.

I won’t forget to take photos this time.


I’m still avoiding an important topic: my own wedding.

  • I haven’t sent out the new save the dates.
  • I haven’t decided on a new ceremony venue. (I could be a complete nut and just do it at court but what does that say about my supposed creativity?)
  • I’m neutral about the reception venue since I had no hand at all in choosing it, but I can’t do anything about that anymore.
  • I haven’t lost 400 pounds yet.
  • I haven’t chosen a new photographer.
  • I don’t want to argue about the wedding anymore.
  • I haven’t bought shoes.

I’m not a bridezilla but I’m very OCD about certain things. I want it to be simple. I want it to be inexpensive since having a tasteful $2,000 wedding requires true talent (plus wasting money is so bourgeoisie).  I want it to be beautiful. I want to be involved. I want to choose important aspects (i.e. venues, food, deco, theme, etc.) based on our interests and personalities and not because it’s “okay” by others’ standards. I want it to be unique. I want to be able to think back (on my first wedding *cough* since there will be a second) and tell my grandkids that it was incredibly memorable.

I realize that I won’t have everything I wished for. But can I have at least one thing without having to fight tooth and nail for it? *sigh*

My second wedding will be the Catholic blessing. And it’ll be held in a Philippine church, which greatly limits any weirdness I could possibly apply. Which is why it is important that I get to be all boho, DIY, vintage and silly for my first.


Someone passed by to get their certificate. He came with a woman who used to work with my former boss from 7 years ago (when I was 20 years old). It’s the 2nd time this month that I’ve seen this woman and she said the same thing when I first ran into her:

“You’re so fat. You’re really, REALLY fat.”

And she said it with this smug smile on her face. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or throw her out. Sure, I gained weight and I’m not perfect, but I’m far from fat. (And I know this because I own a mirror. Several mirrors.) And yet she acts as if I have never seen a scale before and she just has to say it out loud in case I have no idea what I look like.

I was a thinner teenager and lost a lot of weight during my last year of college and first year of working. I’m now 27 and have filled out since then. While I’m a typical 20-something and obsess about my body occasionally but, most of the time, I’m not really worried because I know what I look like, I know my worth, and I know that there are so many things so much more important than looks which is why I don’t obsess in front of the mirror every morning applying make-up. Plus my fiance thinks I’m hot. 🙂

I just don’t need some acquaintance I barely know to traipse into my office and think it’s okay to be extremely rude. If I’m polite to you, please return the courtesy. After all, I (politely) didn’t mention the wrinkles and liver spots. >: )

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