Prom shoes and other things

  • I may not watch or read as much news as I should, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a tad apprehensive about this.
  • Maybe I should read less news.
  • On a lighter note, I am obsessing about red shoes. I realized that I’m scared to death of dyed-to-match satin, which always look like prom shoes no matter how expensive or “designer” they are.
  • White shoes also look like prom shoes. I’m so glad I wore strappy black leather for both of my proms. As for the hair… let’s not go there.
  • My thumb is numb after cutting fringed streamers all night. This means I need ergonomic scissors.
  • My wedding is rescheduled. And I lost my photographer. Do you know a wedding photojournalist who won’t send me to the poorhouse?

2 thoughts on “Prom shoes and other things

    • Problem with the reception venue. We were told it was free on the 25th, but when Chris came by to officially book and pay the deposit, he discovered that the 25th of June has been booked for months. 😦 It’s ok though. We’ve rescheduled it to the 2nd of July. Problem is, Hans (the photographer I initially found) is not available for the whole month of July. So I need a new one.

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