Lhuillier did it again!

Mandy Moore’s Oscars performance ballgown is very pretty:

Photo from GFY

I heard it’s from Monique Lhuillier’s 2011 Resort Collection. Her glittery red carpet gown is also Lhuillier but is a lot more understated than the blue.

The designer’s current look seems to getting a lot of good reviews lately. There was that beautiful green dress Catherine Zeta-Jones wore to the Globes and the majestic pink seen on Thandie Newton. I never thought I’d say this about ultra-bright colors and flowery dresses but MY GOD, you really hit it, ML!


My beautiful maid of honor, Danielle, reminded me that I haven’t even thought about the shoes I’m going to wear. Ack!

Chris’ and my NJ wedding will be a simple civil one since we’re reserving the big guns for the Catholic wedding in the Philippines. (Oooh… I can’t wait for that ^_^) When C and started to talk about it, we planned an inexpensive mini-me wedding in his hometown.

We originally wanted a short backyard ceremony with spaghetti and sandwiches after. When we had some difficulty finding an appropriate backyard, we had no choice but to look at venues for the mini-reception and a park for the ceremony itself (because parks are free or have low rent costs). But things started happening. Danielle offered her fab art-deco wedding dress so I’m going to be dressed quite formally. We got a (very) good deal on a nice reception place and then I found a talented photojournalist who is willing to work with our budget.

It’s still on the drawing board but things ended up being more than what we initially planned, though we’re still on a tight budget because there are so many things that are more important than a wedding. Like a house. And food. 😛

My only wish is for my parents to join us for their eldest daughter’s first wedding but knowing how much plane tickets cost (way more than the cost of the wedding itself and I’m not a rich girl) and how complicated and costly it is to just apply for a tourist visa to the US… sigh. Well, that’s what the Philippine Catholic wedding is for – so my friends and family can join us when we receive the Church’s blessing.


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