Aside from my major bedroom re-organization project, I am busy helping Ina out with her engagement/wedding party. It’s fun because I like doing artsy stuff and it’s great to work as a team with our friends. I just wish that Ina wouldn’t stress out so much about it because she needs to look beautiful and relaxed.


It reminds me of my own impending wedding. Our first plans are in shambles. 😦 It’s a pity because it took me and Chris forever to agree on every detail while planning. I’ll probably end up not doing anything I originally wanted. It’s so ironic for a bride, even if it would just be a regular civil wedding. All I wanted was to make it unique and happy.

I don’t even know for sure if plans for the church wedding will push through. It has always been my dream to have my church wedding back home because that’s where my family and friends are, but I might have to compromise when the time comes. I’ll probably be 40 with three kids when we finally have the budget or the opportunity, haha. And then I have to schedule liposuction and a face lift so I wouldn’t look shitty in the pictures.

My disappointment is almost palpable. I should stop this self-pity nonsense because it’s not me. February is supposed to be Valentines month. Or at least Valentines week. And instead of being wonderful, it has been one disappointment after another and last night was the last straw… and I lost it.

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