The Letters Died Twice

If you’re a woman, you should use Gmail. So you can use the label feature to tag each and every one of your conversations with a boyfriend, and when break-up time comes, (1) click the label, (2) delete all conversations, (3) empty trash.  It’s so easy! It instantly frees up email space.

Of course, I won’t be doing that anymore since my soon-to-be husband will have apoplexy if I delete his emails. 😀


Last night, I decided to start my re-organizing and de-cluttering project. My room in Apartment #2 is devoid of anything except essentials but my bedroom in Apartment #1 (and almost every room there) is overly cluttered. The apartment isn’t big. It’s tiny. And it’s crying for more space.  After I finally convinced Dad to get rid of the big white space-eating dresser and the bookshelf that’s going to fall apart any moment, I purchased several shelves in IKEA that are more space-efficient.

In my optimism, I forgot that 10:00 pm on a Friday night is not the best time to start  building the shelves and turning everything upside down. I had to stop after an hour because I don’t want our neighbors complaining about the loud hammering, vacuuming, moving and hauling. Right now, there is no room for me to sleep on my bed as it’s full of clothes and even the floor is covered with mountains of “stuff” that are potentially harmful to the naked feet.

One of the things that got thrown away was the eX-file – an envelope containing old letters, photos, a picture frame, a jewelry box, and cards from an ex-boyfriend. I was not keeping it out of sentimental reasons or because I haven’t gotten over it. I just read somewhere that women should keep old love letters and photos in a box that isn’t to be opened until one’s future daughters and granddaughters expresses curiosity about one’s exes. So I did. But while riffling through my piles of papers and knick-knacks last night, I decided I’d rather much tell them about Chris as he was before he was “Dad” or “Granddad”. That would be a much more interesting and funny story. 🙂

So I threw the file into the trash – all letters, cards, photos and even the frame. I noticed that one of the photos had an old pic of me and my friend Ina on the other side so I ripped that part off, pinned it on my corkboard, and crumpled the rest of it before tossed it into a bag with the others.

This would have ended peacefully but my Dad decided to check out the papers I’m throwing out, in case I accidentally tossed in something important, and found the whole eX-file. He tried to pry the photos out of the frame because he said it’s a pity to get rid of a perfectly functional frame. I couldn’t possibly use it again or put my photos with Chris there (harhar) so I just said that I don’t want it anymore and I got it on sale years ago anyway. He was also concerned that someone would read the letters (“Dad, the truck has a compactor!”) so he – my Dad – tore the them up before discarding them again.

He never really did like my ex. 🙂


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