Umbra OH! Chair

I’m getting quite obsessed with the award-winning Umbra OH! chair designed by Karim Rashid in 1999. The first time I saw it on Umbra a few weeks ago, I thought it looked cool in a modern, minimalist way but didn’t look too comfortable since its seat is made of polypropylene. But after reading rave reviews about how surprisingly comfy it is, I’m thinking of abandoning the idea of getting an ordinary space-filler armchair and replacing it with two translucent white OH! chairs (with this pretty Pier1 perched bird table in between) by a sunny window.

Rashid is a talented modern designer. His works include the humble but much celebrated garbino, the only trash can displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, and the often copied ultra-modern magino coffee table and stool.

At only $40-60 dollars each, the OH! chair certainly costs less than your average designer chair which can cost $500-2000.  Rashid did really well with providing young starters who are on a budget but would like to have cool pieces (like yours truly) with an affordable option. I can’t wait to test drive it with a book and a cup of coffee.

My shopping style has changed a lot over the years. I used to buy clothes which are only on sale because I’m used to being a penny-pinching college student. So I would end up with a closet filled with uninteresting clothes that I only bought for variety. I’m still a penny-pinching late-20-something but I only buy things that “speak to me”. I’m a firm believer of mixing cheap with pricey stuff since things are not always beautiful just because they cost a lot. Occasionally I still get misses – stuff that aren’t so great and I end up giving them away after a year. But, most of the time, I get it right and keep an item with me for years and, if they no longer fit me, Mom keeps them for Sofia to use someday. Since he’s already working on the garden, I promised Chris that I’ll transform the inside of our home. I’m already sure that I’ll be sad with homesickness for the first few months so I need a home that will make me smile the moment I walk into the living room.

The OH! chair is available through:

  • The original shop, Umbra, in black, go green and translucent white @ $60.
  • Amazon @ $59.99 with free shipping!
  • The Container Store, which amazingly sells the black and white for $39.99 each. Whoa! TCS also has the option of letting you purchase online and picking it up from a nearby store later to save on shipping.

On a side note, the IKEA MOLGER bench that I really want is now available in a yummier shade of walnut. Yay! 😀

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