The Window Seat Dilemma

I am so liking IKEA (again) right now. I really want a window seat that has the following requirements:

  1. Not too wide and deep (it’s for a small space)
  2. Has storage or is capable of containing storage underneath
  3. Below or around $100 not including the cushion
  4. Looks modern

Real benches are way too expensive and the creative side of my brain is considering alternatives with the help of I’m torn between two choices.

Option I: The LACK Bookshelf

The above photo from Apartment Therapy shows a slim LACK bookshelf turned sideways to use as a bench. Legs and a cushion were added. I would prefer to use six (not four) shorter legs with wider bases so the legs wouldn’t punch a hole into the shelf since LACK is made of particleboard, fiberboard and paper. This is a problem as I have an aversion to particleboard and fiberboard. The LACK is still better instead of the cheaper EXPEDIT shelf because the latter has thinner partitions and will support less weight.



  • Relatively inexpensive for a window seat
  • Attractive and modern
  • Goes with anything (shelf is available in black and red)
  • Can still be used as a bookshelf or other storage
  • Size is perfect


  • Do I need to say it again: particleboard. If it gets a bit ratty I can’t sand and re-paint because it’s not real wood.

Option II: The MOLGER Bench

The MOLGER bench is actually made for bathrooms and can withstand high humidity. It’s small, compact, made of solid birch, and is covered with clear lacquer. The above photo (from BHG) shows a darker walnut version – sadly, the line is discontinued but is still available in lighter birch – and uses what seems like 9x9x9 BRANAS handwoven baskets to maximize storage. I’m inclined to use the same baskets with the MOLGER or use KASSETT boxes if it will be used for shoe storage.

It looks just about as sturdy as the LACK. But because if its size, I have to watch my weight because I don’t want it collapsing underneath. 🙂 So far, it looks like both the LACK and MOLGER are capable of supporting me and Chris.



  • I will have to use two benches so I can move them around and use them for other purposes later
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks clean, light and attractive
  • The lower layer can be used for a lot of storage options
  • Made of solid wood so if I get tired of its simplicity, I can remove the lacquer and stain or paint it


  • It’s not that good as a bookshelf because of its open ends (but then there are bookends)

I’m impressed, the prices are nearly identical. But right now, I’m leaning towards the MOLGER because of its material and color. 🙂

And don’t even get me started on couches. Last night, I was comparing the BEDDINGE, LYCKSELE, and KLIPPAN and couldn’t decide what I liked best!


One thought on “The Window Seat Dilemma

  1. I had this same idea of using IKEA shelving to make a window seat. I’ve also seen people use the cabinets that go above refrigerators, but then there is some custom DIY work. Unfortunately, the LACK bookshelf is no longer available. So I’m considering the Hemnes Wall/Bridging Shelf.

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