Ipanema Love …Again

While buying Chris’ Aunt Ella a pair of Ipanemas at Rimal, I couldn’t resist buying pairs for me, my mom, my brother and Chris. Yes, I’m addicted. (At least I don’t like Havaianas. 😛 ) Here are the girls’ flip-flops:

Clockwise from top: Classica Trends V in pink/purple (Mom's), Classica Floral II in white/silver (mine), Classica Trends V in black/white (mine again), Thong Premium II in white/gold (Aunt Ella's)

The boys’ slippers are a little boring but there were no colorful pairs. At least these are still as soft.

L-R: Anatomica Surf Brasil in black (Jiko's) and navy (Chris')

No pair for naughty Sofia since she has about 5 or 6 now. She’s just as Ipanema-crazy as her big sister. I gave away a couple of mine to my cousins so my new pairs are just replacements. Is it a good enough excuse?


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