Excuses topped with Stupidity, Exercise, Pain and Shopping

I haven’t blogged for so long I feel like I lost an arm. Initially, my absence meant that I was having way too much fun in the Philippines where I went for a month-long vacation to spend the holiday season with my family and some friends I managed to meet. When I finally arrived back in Riyadh so I could resume working (insert sad face here), I didn’t blog out of pure laziness. That plus a stupid moment that lasted for days: I couldn’t access the internet on any browser for 4 days. It was weird because Skype worked just fine. I feared the worst! Maybe it was a virus (I knew linking with my Dad’s laptop was a mistake) that system restore or several virus scans could not fix. I uninstalled all browsers except for IE and they refused to reinstall. I was resigned to reformatting my hard drive when, on the 4th day, Chris suggested that I reset my modem/router. I did just that and my browsers started working normally. ARGH! The pain of stupidity is excruciating.

Now that my epic excuses are done, I have to mention (just in passing, mind you) that I’m back to my lifetime goal of turning-my-body-to-what-it-was-when-I-was-22. While I am far from fat, I am not a skinny ass anymore (I’m now a US size 8 *sob*). I have accepted with some bitterness that I will never be disciplined enough to go on a rigid diet and count calories like I count the minutes before I go off work. So I’m on a portion-control diet instead. Also known as the French diet, I eat anything I want in controlled portions. I also go to the gym everyday on weekdays and walk/work myself to death on weekends. My muscles have toned a bit while I was in the PI. (Yes, yes, I’m pleased. Now if I could just tone up the rest and lose 4 tons in the process, please?)

Yesterday, I woke up with the most horrible body pain ever. It was reminiscent of the mind-numbing ache that I experienced when I had H1N1, only to a lesser degree since I was not sick. I suspected it was from these reasons:

  1. Working out everyday
  2. Showering after working out everyday
  3. Cleaning Apartment #2, doing the laundry and moving furniture the day before (there’s nothing like a good chore-day to make anyone sick)
  4. All of the above

khaki ditsy print dress from Dorothy Perkins

By 3pm, I felt “solid” enough to leave the bed and eat. You’d think I’d spend the rest of the day chillin’ at home? Nopes. It’s January, dears. Sale month in Riyadh, and this is according to the nice salespeople who informed me two months ago.  Dad agreed to take me out and I spent six hours shopping. That much walking probably burned the calories of half the pecanbon I ate to a crisp.

I like the 50’s inspired belted dresses at Dorothy Perkins. The dark green one I got seemed made for my curvy frame. Why was I born in the wrong decade? Only it shows too much boob area so I have to cover up creatively if I wear it here in KSA. The wrinkled Chinese inspired dresses at John Rocha were just as pretty but they looked a bit Divi-like for the price. Topshop was as fun as ever and I’m in love with the distressed tube minidress and the mesh ballerina shoes with the fluffy black flower on the toes. I tried the tube dress on as soon as I got home and it fit perfectly as long as I don’t breathe too deeply. Must get sheer black nylons for it. Or dark red lace.

Everything I chose was scarily reminiscent of my maarte 5-year old sister’s taste. Both my Dad and Chris insists that Sofia got whatever mutation she has from me but I’m still in denial. After all, I have sensible underwear. Six of them (or maybe five?). She has one. Hah!


2 thoughts on “Excuses topped with Stupidity, Exercise, Pain and Shopping

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–you’re gorgeous and a size 8 American is perfect for your height. Stop fussing. As for 50’s style clothing–you’re going to have a ball raiding my closet. I copy/sew a lot of the dresses from Stop Staring and Pinup Girl clothing. I have all the patterns so can make you as many as you like. Retro style or inspired clothing is all the rage now.

    • I’m trying to go down back to a 6. My top isn’t so bad but my hips… GRRRR.

      “Stop Staring and Pinup Girl”

      Sounds promising. 😀 I do love vintage dresses.

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