2 Thin Chefs

More on thinspiration.

Giada De Laurentiis

Time has an old article, 2 Thin Chefs, about two female top chefs who are “vanishingly thin”. Suzanne Goin and Giada De Laurentiis were asked about their self-control secrets. During an interview, De Laurentiis said:

“Most of it is portion control… Yes, I eat my own food. I do. But I don’t eat a lot of it. And as you see in watching Everyday Italian, I take those little salad plates–you know, appetizer-sized plates–and that’s the amount of food I eat … And I eat multiple meals throughout the day. And I do work out–a novelty, I know. And it’s also–my mother’s tiny–it’s also partly genetics.”

She also does taekwondo three times a week and takes long walks. She prefers not to run because her breasts are bigger than average.

Suzanne Goin

Another advice from Goin is to become a food snob. Don’t eat the icky, greasy fast-food or fake food served in cheap restaurants and airplanes.

“If I am really starving, I will eat airplane food,” says Goin, grimacing. “But I would rather not eat the macadamia chicken on the airplane and [instead] get to have that supergood bread slathered with lardo,” she adds, referring to the whipped cured pork fat served at the Manhattan restaurant Del Posto, where we were dining. Which suggests a new kind of diet plan: eat like these chefs.

Now this is pretty easy. I’m still just learning to cook and I’m already rejecting stuff that I used to eat without even thinking of their contents. It’s been forever since I’ve eaten fast-food, preferring to just make my own dinner, and I’ve asked Dad to stop buying that awful orange juice from concentrate.

I think it’s the portion control that I need to work on. I don’t eat all that I make, of course, and give most of them away since I like to cook for friends. I just have to let go of my waste-not mentality by eating more than what I should (or more than 3 forkfuls haha). Food can always be given away or eaten later. After all, that’s what refrigerators were made for. (Just like sidewalks were made for long walks. I’m like Giada on the boobs aspect.)


3 thoughts on “2 Thin Chefs

  1. Hmmm. Does this mean I have to be careful about selecting the venue for our dinner date on Friday? 😛

    So sympathize on the pressure to be thin post though. I haven’t gained any weight since we graduated from college, but I’m not exactly along the lines of the Asian reed thin model either (that honor would go to my mom, who is my height but weighs 10 lbs less than myself). You can imagine the frustration when one goes to the tiangges or to Divi and can’t buy any of the cute/cheap freesize tops and dresses because I’m not as petite or skinny as the Thai and mainland Chinese women they were designed for.

    • Oh don’t worry about it. 🙂 I generally just limit my portions (since I wrote this post) and I eat healthy too, but that doesn’t mean I limit myself to grazing on the grass. lol. Oh dear, college was at least 10-15 pounds ago. Hahaha… Maybe 10, I’m not sure. There was a time when I was much lighter. I lost a ton of weight a few years after college. I usually diet every 5 years (17, 22 years old respectively) and switch back to my regular routine after I get thin enough. And I’m 27 now and my clothes are starting to get tighter again so it’s about time for the next phase.

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