Natural Light

I struggle with food photography. There a few basic rules for food photography and these are:

  • Don’t use flash
  • Use lots of natural light
  • Use the rule of thirds
  • Use close-ups

I mostly cook at night because I arrive from work at night. In Apartment #1, the indoor light in the kitchen is horrible. Even when I use bright flourescents, the results don’t satisfy me. In Apartment # 2 where I usually cook by day in the weekends, we have lots of huge windows that let the sunlight in. The problem is that the kitchen is not near any of those windows. 😦 While the indoor light is sufficient to cook, it makes the food look flat.

Ever since I started my food blog, I’ve been largely dissatisfied with my photographs. It’s a learning process, I know, but I was wondering whether I was doing anything wrong because I didn’t like most of what I shot. Food photographs are supposed to look delicious. Having a dSLR helps because I can manipulate the camera but equipment can only help so much.

Yesterday, at Apartment #2, I had breakfast in bed while chatting with C. I ate one of the cinnamon muffins I made the night before and since the camera was right by the bed, I took a few shots of the food while I was eating. My bed has three large windows beside it and I opened the drapes to let the welcome winter sunlight in. There was lots and lots of natural light and for the first time ever, without having to stage a setting, I loved the food photos I took.

Cinnamon muffin with streusel

Here’s another example:


Most of my shots never look this dreamy so I was happy with the sheer simplicity of the photos.I scrapped the photos I took the night before and used these instead for The Virgin Stove. I learned my lesson. Next time I need photos, I’m waiting until morning. Or I could turn the ledge by the dining room windows into a little photo studio.


I can’t think. I can’t concentrate on work. In a few days, I will be coming home to the Philippines for a month-long holiday. 😀 I’m so excited.

Last weekend, our group of friends had an early Christmas dinner since a lot of us would be leaving for the holiday. We also had a bridal shower for two of the girls, Jan and Hannah, who would be getting married this December/January. If I’m excited, imagine how these two feels right now. Planning a wedding can be super exciting.


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