Vacation Countdown

Only 15 days until my Philippines vacation.

I can’t wait to finally spend the holiday season back home again. I want to make the most of the four weeks that I’ll have back home. So far, here are the things I have in line:

  1. Reconnecting with old friends
  2. Going to Baguio with Alet
  3. Possibly going to Bohol with Alet and Trish (if they agree hehe)
  4. Going to Subic with my family
  5. Getting my much-needed annual rebond
  6. And, last but not the least, spending more time with Mom, Jiko and little Sofia

I’m pretty sure about the Baguio and Subic trips but I’m also hoping that Bohol will push through as well. I read about the Bohol Bee Farm yesterday and I was completely charmed. Of course, being me, I didn’t just read the company website but checked out customer reviews on third-party sites like TripAdvisor. Bohol Bee Farm is a farm, hotel and resort that has the most colorful bungalow huts and a restaurant that only serves organic food.

Squash muffins

Its owner and manager is formerly US-based Filipina nurse, Vicky Wallace, who decided to start this business from scratch after her husband died in the late 80’s.

Sun deck at Bohol Bee Farm

Massage area

Of course, the other wonderful places in Bohol deserve a mention. There’s the unique Chocolate Hills,  the Baclayon Church, the Tarsier Sanctuary and Blood Compact Shrine. And let’s not forget the white sand beaches of Panglao Island. And the adventure park, E.A.T. Danao! Sigh… why have I never been here before? Oh, I know. I was too busy working in another country. It helped that everyone I’ve emailed inquiries to in Bohol replied promptly. The hotel staff answered my questions and even the tour company offered advice on a countryside tour package that would save us money.

I’m excited about the Subic Bay trip, too. I initially thought it would just be a day trip from Metro Manila but I there’s the Ocean Adventure Park, Zoobic Safari and the Tree Top Adventure. Maybe we could stay for a night or two. Hmm… I have to look for a nice hotel that won’t rip us off. I know it’s Subic Bay and it’s the holiday season but if the rates are higher than the London hotel I stayed in last spring then there’s something wrong.

But I’ll do the hotel-searching later. I’m still chewing on sugar-coated almonds from Syria that L brought to work. I am so going to pay for this later.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Countdown

  1. I fall under category 1 in the things you have in line. Hehe.

    I’ve been to Bohol twice already, both times at the Bohol Beach Club. But judging from pics and blurb, Bohol Bee Farm is more to my taste. My sister brought home some coriander spread from there last October. It was yummy

    • If I don’t get to go this year, I’ll visit it some other time. I really want to see Bohol and the bee farm. 😀 And thinking of all the organic veggies and herb bread makes me hungry.

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