Three Chihuahua Puppies to Brighten Your Week

The little mommy is doing very well

Sierra is a 4-pound, 2-year-old, show-quality black chihuahua with white markings on her chest and paws. She has very dark brown eyes that it looks almost black and her fur can look bluish in the sunlight.  She’s 2/3 the weight and is much shorter than her best friend, 3-year-old, fawn-colored chihuahua Spike, but that doesn’t stop her from letting him know who’s the boss.

Yesterday, Sierra gave birth to three puppies. For weeks, C was nervous that she would have a very difficult labor since she’s such a small dog but the little trooper popped them out quietly like it was no big deal. It’s like C would go to the bathroom and when he got back, there’s another one!

Litttle Ebony

The little pups are as cute as their parents. One boy is tan and looks just like Spike. The other boy is a mix of both, white with black and brown patches, and looks just like a mini-cow. And the only girl looks just like Sierra. The black one is going to Mia, a daughter of a friend, Fa, as soon as she is ready in a few weeks. Mia has already named her Ebony and is excited that her chi, Panda, will have a new friend.

The mini-cow

The mini-cow might go to C’s cousin John and his kids.

C doesn’t know who’s going to get Spike’s mini-me yet. But if he grows to be as cute as his dad is, it won’t be hard to find a home for him. C was afraid that this particular pup wouldn’t make it. It’s not unheard of to have one or more of the litter die just after birth. He was very quiet and didn’t move much, unlike his brother (the mini-cow) who came out first. But, thankfully, the little one latched onto Sierra and started suckling.

Spike's mini-me

See the Flickr album for more pictures of the new family nesting in their crate. Sierra looked happy to have her waistline back. 😀

Just in case you were wondering… where is the father while all this was going on? Outside, pissed that he wasn’t allowed in the room. C made sure to separate Spike last night before the birth.


3 thoughts on “Three Chihuahua Puppies to Brighten Your Week

  1. They are so very small but, so very adorable. Mom and the pups are doing well. Breeding my 2 chi’s was the best and right thing to do. They are coming from 2 very good, loyal parents. Sadly Spike is upset with me because I had to separate him from Sierra. Don’t worry Spike you’ll be back, its just gonna be a while that’s all.

    • Poor Spike! He’s feeling left out since Sierra is busy with the new pups and you’re busy looking after them. At least you’re giving him badly-needed attention. His face was so funny earlier. He looked so pissed and sad at the same time. LOL

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