Hated Stereotype #29,846: Women who like to cook are homey and boring

I’ve just returned from a shopping trip and came home with just one Bershka shirt and a few knick-knacks. I just bought a few because it’s not sale season and most clothes are still expensive. Plus, it’s not my hakot month. January is my ultra-shopping-for-myself period when I would be shopping for two weeks straight, taking advantage of the 70-80% discounts everywhere, and that’s still two months away (wah!). 😦 The knick-knacks I previously mentioned are several baking pans that I purchased for my mom and for my future home with Chris, since he told me that he only has the basic stuff in his kitchen.

The loot: Two bundt pans, a muffin pan, two springforms and three loaf pans. IKEA catalogue, cable and beanie puppy not included.

Anyone in my Facebook friends list is probably familiar with the task I undertook since September: to teach myself how to cook and bake. Everyday, I would read sites, articles and tips (Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Food Lab column in Serious Eats is really cool). I would try out recipes starting from the simplest to more complicated dishes. It’s like studying for a college course! 🙂 I think the time for airy excuses like “I don’t cook” are no longer cool as take-out foods really aren’t that healthy for everyday consumption. Luckily, I enjoy cooking and baking. I love learning new things, making something delicious out of a few simple ingredients. I used occasions and group dinners with friends to practice; always cooking and serving something I’ve never tried before. I would see where I made mistake and try to rectify it the next time. Most of all, I like the control of knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body and avoid evil stuff that could potentially kill me (e.g. MSG, vegetable oil, shortening).

I just don’t like the fact that some people equate interest in the house or learning how to cook as being boring. “Oh, she doesn’t know how to have fun anymore.” I think people just have different ideas of fun. And having a new hobby doesn’t mean one has abandoned old interests.

In spite of the above almost-rant, I do have a big smile on my face. I am in the middle of my 10-day leave from work because of Eid Al-Adha and I do appreciate the opportunity to relax and catch up with things. I haven’t experienced a single tremor or vertigo or blanking out episode – all due to stress – since the start of the vacation. Plus, I am in the middle of reading Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett (I have never read a “bad” story from this guy!).


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