IKEA Haters vs. IKEA Hackers

I read an article where Susan Boyle reportedly bought a new house. But she was criticized for not being swanky enough and buying IKEA furniture.


What is wrong with IKEA? I like IKEA. Everything is clean, uncomplicated, colorful and relatively inexpensive compared to other brands. I do have a distaste for particle board and prefer solid wood and metal. But if you’re young, budget-constrained and need something on the cheap and need it NOW, at least the particle boards will hold up for a few years until you have enough money to buy something pricier and better.

But I do like design. I like seeing interior design ideas and making use of small spaces and corners. I like thinking of hacks or things that I can make over the weekend while I’m off work. I like to imagine painting vibrant pictures over the plain paper lamps or making a chandelier out of unusual vintage items.


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