Kitchen Elves

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon and evening in the kitchen of Apartment #2 cooking for tonight’s picnic dinner.

[Chie, with her beautiful hair, cooking arrozcaldo]

I’ve never made so much white tuna pasta sauce in my life and I baked butterscotch pie for the first time with the help of my industrious assistants, Chie and Kim. Chie energetically cut through the chicken bone (reminded me of SAW IV) and Kim rolled (or beat?) the chilled pie crust dough from a Europe-shaped mess into a neat circle. It took all three of us to filter the butterscotch filling through a mesh strainer because it had “bits”. The bits were the little masses of cornstarch and flour that didn’t meld with the rest of the mixture. They didn’t all go to waste since Kim started eating the “bits”.

[Cute Kim before watching Toy Story 3]

We took so many pictures of the preparation and the semi-finished products. I wanted to chronicle the process of the humble arrozcaldo for my food blog (The Virgin Stove) and managed stellar shots of the ginger, garlic, onions, chicken, and shallots. But when we finished cooking, I yelled “Dinner’s ready!” and we all dug in, forgetting to take even just one photo. Eh… that’s what hunger does to you. But it’s okay; winter is coming and I foresee more arrozcaldo moments in the near future.

By the way, my legs are killing me.


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