Just Another Day

Today, I turned 27. My sister called and woke me up with a rambunctious greeting and loudly informed me that she is eating pancit (noodles) to celebrate my birthday. In the Philippines, eating pancit on one’s birthday is said to give one a long life.

Strangely, I don’t feel like celebrating much. Not because I feel down but because I’m in the mood to spend the day quietly and greet the end of my 27th year of existence with a book, a movie, or a nice phone call from my fiance. My friends and I are going to have a small, informal  dinner on Saturday night and I’m still thinking of what to feed them. Definitely, I’m going to make a birthday pie instead of a cake. Although I did bake pumpkin spiced cupcakes to bring to work today.

More importantly, it’s my godson Tobey’s birthday tomorrow. He’s turning 6 and is having a party today in his school. He especially requested chocolate cake and how could one resist cute little Tobey?

Most people have New Year resolutions. I have birthday resolutions.

  1. I will try my best not to skip exercise time. Which means gym for two weekdays and dancing every Friday.
  2. I will wake up earlier than usual.
  3. I will read more, paint more, take more pictures.

Thanks to my parents who carried me and raised me, my siblings for being the light of my life, my fiance for being my future, and my friends for being there to tell me what I need and not what I want to hear. And thanks to my Father for His eternal love and guidance. Here’s to another blessed year. 🙂


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