Sofia’s Boyfriend

My mother just informed me that my 5-year-old little sister, Sofia, has a boyfriend. And his name is Jason. We have been joking about it for a year but now it’s apparently confirmed. In between my laughing and wheezing, I told my mom about a conversation I overheard between three children: Sofia, Tobey (5) and Tophi (7). Tobey and Tophi are the sons of my friend, Rachelle, and Sofia comes over to play with them when she’s in Riyadh. They were playing Wii one afternoon and I was watching them.

From Left: Tobey, Sofia and Tophi

Tophi: I had to break-up with my girlfriend, Pamela. I found someone else.
Tobey: I don’t have a girlfriend. Do you have a boyfriend, Sofi?
Sofia: Yes. His name is Jason. He kissed me on my birthday.
Tobey: Oh.

Two weeks later, I asked Tobey if he still had a crush on my sister. He wrinkled his little nose and answered, “Not anymore! She has a boyfriend.”

What is it with little kids these days? Hahaha. When I was 5, all I could think of was playing Mary in the school Christmas Pageant, playing outside, and watching Sesame Street and Batibot. Mom said (jokingly, of course) that she might have to move Sofia to another school next year in case Jason decides that they’re old enough to hold hands.

But then my 20-year old bro is still single. Ouch. 😀 Don’t worry, Jiko, I was a late bloomer, too. I started dating at 22. *covers face*


One thought on “Sofia’s Boyfriend

  1. Awwwwww, aren’t they cute? Seriously though, doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve seen pre-schoolers at my alma mater claim the same thing, so… Blame Disney Channel and shows like Hannah Montana? Consider the TV shows we had when we were growing up, compared to the ones kids have now?

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