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I’ve controlled myself from blogging too much the past week because, for the past 7 days, all I could think about during my free time was The Wedding. This is my third post which roughly touches the subject so I’m not that bad yet. 😛 😀

In my job, we occasionally organize events like conferences and workshops and it taught me to pay attention to every little detail – down to organizing the printed programs and banners with the designers and printers, shopping for gifts, having the guests and limo drivers on one’s speed dial, and making sure the international speaker is booked for city tours and shopping trips after the event. Missing a detail can be a cause for complaint and we all want to avoid that. (I’ve learned the hard way, haha.)

An intimate, casual wedding may be a much smaller affair but if it’s your wedding, it’s much more important to you. Chris had ideas and he mainly helped decide on the menu and will prepare the place of the reception and ceremony. He’ll be in charge of the centerpieces/favors, too. They’ll be flowers and plants in cute little pots. My inner organizer just couldn’t help it and I brought out all the speadsheets and started filing electronic lists of possible resources. I started thinking of themes, luncheon seating arrangements, and colors. I’m considering using recycled stuff for everything and worrying about my carbon footprint and Chris is wondering when the hell did I become a treehugger. I’ve compiled templates for the candle decorations, designed the invites and namecards, and I’m gathering ideas for DIY rustic decorations. Bella was so kind and gave me a beautiful wedding dress and now all I have to buy are shoes and accessories since I’m ditching the veil for a slim garland or circlet. Yesterday, I was so mad that Chris didn’t appreciate my efforts in finding pressed palm leaves to use for plates and he swore that I’ve been thinking about the wedding for a whole month! (It was just 6 days, hmph.) While I horrified Chris with “Should we use bamboo utensils or birch?” questions, he wailed and claimed that only 40 people will come and that all they’ll care about is the food.

I’m now reminding myself to relax. It’s 7 months away. It’s not the big wedding yet. It’s our first of two weddings – the civil, casual one. The one which we agreed not to spend too much on. Yes, it does need some degree of organization but I have to resist the urge to over-organize everything. Who cares if the pressed palm-leaf plates biodegrade a month faster than the bamboo plates?

But… now that Chris mentioned the food, I do have a list of recipes that I have to try and choose from. I’m determined to make salad, pasta and cookies as chic and tasty as possible. I was talking about making stuff in advance, freezing the wedding cake and cooking everyday for a week up until the wedding. The haunted look came back and he told me that he’s 100% sure that I’ll snap and get mad at him several times over during that week. He asked why we can’t order the wedding cake. (“I’ve never asked anyone to bake any of my birthday cakes in my life. Except for Mom. We both bake better than overpriced bakeries. And their frosting tastes like cheap sugar.”) Why we can’t use instant pasta sauce. (“I know how to cook pasta sauce! *insert horrified look here* Why would I serve instant on our wedding???”) Then he asked why I thought I had to do everything myself. (“I have no family there. 😦 If I did, my mom, cousins, uncles and aunts would help me in the kitchen.”) Here, he softened a bit reassured me that his family will most certainly help and that I won’t feel alone and stressed. He promised to collect enough volunteers to do all the grilling, the sandwich bar, the salad and possibly the pasta sauces. Chris left the baking issue alone; he knows I have an obsession with a DIY cake. But he insisted that though we have a budget and in spite of my determination to DIY practically everything, I should be relaxed and free from stress.

Hmm… have you ever met a completely relaxed bride-to-be? I never have. It doesn’t matter if she has an army of planners. The bride will always be quite stressed until it finally happens and she can enjoy the beginning of the marriage.

Didn’t I just mention toning it down earlier? Argh. When it’s time for the big Catholic wedding in Pinas, my Mom and I should hire a planner and save all of us from the headaches.


3 thoughts on “Flower DIYva

  1. Ummm, Steffi, I’m just *reading* your blog and I’m already feeling stressed! Haha. My sympathies lie with Chris on this one. 😛

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