Ambrosia Girls

Alet, Trish and I decided to make a combined blog. Behold:

“Ambrosia Girls” is a moniker from our old college dorm days. The dormitory was right across a now-closed lechon (roast pig) shop called Ambrosia. All the tricycle drivers knew our place as the Ambrosia Dorm. We tried to resist the horrifyingly kitschy name but we eventually learned to accept it, and even love it, after we realized that we spent very happy years and formed lasting friendships in that little, radioactive green-walled Ambrosia Dorm.

What I’m going to write there I don’t know yet. But considering how much I talk and how much I can write, then it’s probably not a bad idea to spread the words a bit. I can’t wait to blog with my two friends. They’re the best girls and I’m going to see them this coming Christmas. 😀 Can’t wait!


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