Too Much Citrus (Seriously, Stella)

These are from Stella Mc Cartney.

I don’t know…

I’m just not fond of looking like a cheerful kitchen tablecloth. (Photos from The Sartorialist.)


Last night, I had to buy lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop since I was running out. The salesman tried to get me to look at the eyeshadows and blushes but I told him, barefaced, that “I don’t wear much make-up”. He laughed and said he noticed.

If I have to go to a swanky party or if it’s a special occasion, sure, I’ll make an effort. But for regular workdays and relaxing weekends, I swear on just cheek tint, lip gloss and the occasional lipstick. I don’t see the point of troweling expensive make-up on my face every day. Let your pores breathe! 😀 Besides, I’ve bought other make-up before in an effort to be more “femme”. And I always ended up giving them to my mom who likes to put on some color every once in a while.

But I’m pleased about my new lip glosses from Tita Edith, Cherry Bomb and Spearminty from Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush.  Add that to the ones I already have (er… about 5 more), I must have enough glosses to last a while! I think I’ll have to avoid lipstick for a bit if I’m going to use all of it. It helps that they’re so yummy. I love the spearmint flavor, tastes like toothpaste. Yum!


2 thoughts on “Too Much Citrus (Seriously, Stella)

    • At first I was “Erm… maybe it will look good with the right cut, figure, style, and occasion.”

      Along with “Well, at least it’s adventurous.”

      And then I remembered the bolts of table cloths sold in Batha and Dira when I was a little girl. This print belongs to a table in small cottage with a little vase and plucked-from-the-garden flowers. With a plate of spaghetti on top.

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