‘Tis the Season to be Jolly?

It’s October. Which means everyone is getting a cold, everyone is getting the flu or afraid of getting the flu, and everyone and his grandmother is getting a vaccine to prepare for the winter months. I’ve had a most boring cold the past two days. Nothing special, just your typical boring virus that latches on to you without so much as a by-your-leave. Except that when you’re the one whose nasal passages are blocked with mucus, who’s chain-sneezing every hour, and who has a nose dripping like  a persistent leak, then the cold stops being boring. It’s the bane of your current existence, cause of a lot of embarrassment (sneezing and a growing pile of tissue during meetings), and is the reason why you’re miserable at night as you clutch your stuffed beanie puppy and talk to it for company. (*cough* No, of course I didn’t do that!)

And the bad thing is you can’t call off sick. There’s just too much to do and the timing is just bad.

I’m much better now. I still can’t go back to the gym because my lungs aren’t up to intense cardio yet. I can’t go back to night-swimming because I know for sure that my health will degenerate. I feel like a lethargic slob and I’ve used up 4 cartons of Kleenex at home and bundles of rough company-issued tissues at work in just two days. My mood is improving, too. I’m no longer acting like Elphaba’s evil twin (most of the time). Thank God for the beanie puppy and Kindle, without which I wouldn’t have survived.

So now that I’m done complaining, let’s talk about cognac. This is a limited edition Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac from Rémy Martin, packaged in individually numbered dark crystal decanters. There were only 786 made and costs $15,000 a bottle.

Will you buy one? Is the sosyal factor worth it?

(from Lovely Package)


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