… 2 years. In two days, Chris and I would’ve been a couple for that long. Our reactions to that number were quite funny.

Me: Wow. I’ve never been with anybody that long. Before you, I thought 9 months was a long-term relationship.
C: Wow. Only one relationship I’ve ever had lasted more than that.

But it’s not a really a point of how many months or years we would last since we fully expect to be celebrating our anniversaries until we’re both gone from this earth. It’s just a matter of celebrating it fully while we can.

Of course, long-distance is never easy. We have daily skype calls, the occasional email or text, and the rare surprises or gifts. While the gifts are very nice, neither of us is high-maintenance and would be happy with anything. I’ve sent him baked food, chocolates, Ipanema slippers, illustrated hand-sketched letters and other stuff. He usually is more thoughtful and tends to give me things that he knows I’ll enjoy like coffee, books and Tim Tams. Most recently, I got a Kindle 3, a beanie puppy, and a Peanuts calendar for the  anniversary and my birthday.

But what really keeps us stable are the skype calls each day. It’s how we bond. They’re our nightly “dates” since being 8,000 miles away and having other concerns makes physically meeting each other often very expensive. Soon, we won’t have to rely on skype. In 7 months, we won’t be apart again. 🙂 Soon, we’ll get to work on all our goals in life together.

I am mystified whenever I read something like this. Sure, distance is hard, but they’re lucky because they meet every two weeks! And yet the girl is willing to sacrifice finishing university to be with her boyfriend. It’s not that I don’t think love is worth fighting for. It is! But opportunities in life, especially one’s academic goals, are worth fighting for as well. Time and distance will not hinder a relationship that is truly based on mutual love, trust and respect. It will just be a test. Because two happy people are needed to make a relationship a success. Marriage is not a walk in the park and the last thing they’ll both want is to have her, during bad arguments, snap at him that she gave up her dreams for him. When you’re young and you have everything to look forward to in life, do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Your opportunity to be a couple and be together will come when the time and circumstances are right.

Long-distance relationships are not easy. Chris and I have arguments, too. We get annoyed with each other and it’s harder to make up when you’re apart. But there’s one thing that makes it easier: breaking up is never an option.

Meanwhile, I have to think of an anniversary present. Something small but meaningful. Yes, yes… I’m late. But I’m always late. I’ve been thinking for two months! Stress helps me think better. Thank God for DHL and my company’s 86% discount.


2 thoughts on “Almost…

  1. I know we grow everyday without noticing at times this is it!!!

    I am happy for you both…. I share the same feelings with you…You are so blessed!

    Thanks for being a friend.

    All the best Steffi & Cris. hugs

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