Spike & Sierra

I haven’t had dogs in a while but Chris has two extremely cute chihuahuas: Sierra, a 4-pound black female, and Spike, a 6-pound fawn-colored male with white markings. They’re already adorable because of their small size and colors but it’s really their personalities that make them so lovable. They know my voice by now so whenever Chris starts talking to me, pretty soon, one of them (usually Sierra) will start squeaking so Chris can put them on his lap and they can talk to me on Skype. I guess it’s true that chihuahuas are indeed one of the most intelligent breeds of dog.

Spike is the show-off. He looooves attention! He has this signature pathetic look that he wears when he wants to get attention or did something bad and thinks that his cute face can get him out of trouble. He pretends to “talk” to Chris when he wants something. And though he could bark like a hoodlum, he’s the truly meek one between the two.

Sierra is the smaller, sleeker, beautiful one. She can be more hyper during playtime than Spike but is more subtle when it comes to mooching. I’ve never heard Sierra bark, usually she just squeaks (which my sister Sofia thinks is the cutest). It’s funny when she walks around Chris’ bed and looks for the warmest nicest place to burrow in, digs around, and manages to wrap the blanket around herself with just her nose sticking out. Chris told me that he got her because Spike started chasing his own tail one day and, soon enough, the two bonded.

Spike relaxing outside.

Tiny Sierra (plus Chris’ toes lol)

I really am the devil :p
Scary Spike! C says his eyes always appear red in photos when he’s looking straight at you.

These photos were all taken by Chris. I think he needs to update their Doggy album on Flickr. 🙂 And I can’t wait to take more photos of them with my dSLR. Pets are a great subject when it comes to practicing photography. Seven months to go!


3 thoughts on “Spike & Sierra

  1. Sadly, Steffi is telling it how it really is in exacting detail. They are very cute and yes, sigh, very intelligent coupled with being a breed notorious for manipulation. That being said, I love them to pieces but, I wish they weren’t so intelligent. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Especially these 2 when they want something or did something they should have *hands on hips and taps foot* while looking at them both. Can’t let them manipulate ya with their cute ways. Its a trap! 🙂

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