Blueberry… Er, Cranberry Boy Bait

I vowed that I would try the blueberry boy bait recipe. But due to difficulties in procuring blueberries, I had to switch to cranberries. I didn’t bother printing out Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and just prepared everything with my laptop nearby.

Oops, I was a little careless with the batter here.

I followed most (if not all) of the tips from Jo and Bella, including doubling the amount of berries in the cake and on the topping and adding cinnamon in the cake mix. I thought 350 degrees was a little too much so I lowered it down by 10 because I wanted a moist cake. As always, I put clean paper (regular bond paper is fine) in between the batter and the pan so the bottom would come out clean. And, look! It turned out fine. 🙂

After exactly 45 minutes, the cake came out warm, moist, and perfectly textured. I let it cool in the pan for about 30 minutes. I was so relieved that it tasted as yummy as it smelled: not too sweet and a bit Christmassy. Tita Dina, Jovett, and Dad all liked it.

I think, in the future, I would add more cinnamon on top and small amount of powdered sugar. And possibly change the granulated sugar to brown sugar. I also used non-fat instead of whole milk and it still tasted good.

So that took care of tea time. But what about dinner?

A vegetarian pasta dish based on this recipe. I lacked a lot of the ingredients and just improvised, although I did use fresh mushrooms instead of canned. Instead of citrus soy dressing, I used my mother’s leftover sweet chicken ham sauce with soy sauce, vinegar, basil, EVOO, and roasted sesame seeds. I also felt that the mushrooms would look boringly brown and lonely so I added fresh broccoli. Deelish!

The cook apologizes for the awful cellular phone photos. Her usual dSLR wasn’t on-duty at the time the photos were taken.


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