I always had a reserve name for a female child even when I was verrry young, didn’t even had a boyfriend, and didn’t even think about having a relationship let alone marriage. There’s just something comforting about knowing what my future spawn will be called. For a while it was Lilith, like the legendary witch and alleged first wife of Adam. But I changed my mind after I decided that it was too evil. When I was twenty, I settled on Sofia because of its meaning in Greek (wisdom). A year later, my baby sister was born and I gave her that name. While I’m happy to have made that decision because the name suits my sister perfectly, I was left without a reserve baby name for years.

Until I ran into Siuan (pronounced “Swan”), which doesn’t mean anything but sounds just right. Strong, intelligent, beautiful, adaptive and unique. Just like her WoT namesake, Siuan Sanche.

Me: What do you think? Too exotic?

Chris: It’s fine.  Not too exotic.  I think Siuan is a beautiful name since it’s pronounced like the bird.

Me: The spelling has an Asian feel to it without actually being Asian, and I love the simplicity of its pronunciation. Siuan Fermazi Galletta. Now… does SFG stand for something dirty in your slang? Hahaha! I hope not.

C: Not that I know of but I’m sure if someone wants to be a dick they can turn the initials into an acronym in this day and age.

Me: Won’t she be mad at us for giving her a name that no one can read? Every school year, her teachers will read “see-yu-AHN” and she’ll have to say “It’s SWAN”.

I hope no one will call her Sue for short. Siuan is short as it is, no need for a nickname. As for boy names, I don’t even have to think of one. Chris is determined to name it after him and his dad if we ever have one.


One thought on “Siuan

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