Accidental Butt-viewing + 10 Best Dressed in Literature

I should be careful about searching. Earlier, I was curious about who this mysterious Baptiste, alleged male muse of Karl Lagerfeld, was. And in spite of being on my work computer, I thought it would be harmless to look for his last name on Google. I typed “karl lagerfeld baptiste”, clicked one of the links, and was instantly faced with a large photo of a naked Baptiste Giabiconi… bending, his ass facing the camera, while his legs crossed with feet encased in chic black women’s high heels. ARGH! While I appreciate a nice man-butt from time to time, I really did not need to see that at 9:03 am when my mind is split between work and Karl Lagerfeld. Google should have NWSF labels.

While we’re on the topic of fashion, here’s a Top Ten list of the best dressed characters in literature. First on the list, of course, is the tragic Lily Bart.

Lily Bart, The House of Mirth

Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart in 2000’s The House of Mirth

This aging society girl was always a vision in beautiful dresses and jewels. But because she wasn’t as wealthy as her friends, she was always running up dress-maker debt.

Edith Wharton writes: “The remaining dresses, though they had lost their freshness, still kept the long unerring lines, the sweep and amplitude of the great artist’s stroke, and as she spread them out on the bed the scenes in which they had been worn rose vividly before her. An association lurked in every fold: each fall of lace and gleam of embroidery was like a letter in the record of her past.”

Read Flavorwire’s Literature’s 10 Best-Dressed.

I always thought of Lily Bart as larger than life. But if you’ve seen the movie adaptation of The House of Mirth, Gillian Anderson makes her character seem diminished. I’m not saying that Anderson is a bad actress, quite the opposite. She’s just miscast.


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