Kitchen Plans for the Weekend

In my quest to be a better cook, I can’t wait to finally have the time to hit the kitchen again this weekend. Turning somewhat domestic isn’t a temporary phase. By next year, Chris and I will be feeding ourselves. And in a few years, hopefully, there will be Amerasian little ones who will share our meals with us. I want to be able to make what I want in my own kitchen because an appreciation for good, healthy food is something I want my family to share. (At this point, I would like to thank my long-suffering Mom and Dad for being the best cooks I have ever encountered in my 26 years.)

My friends have been great with agreeing to be my guinea pigs. Last Wednesday, I cooked dinner for the girls and I’m glad Ina, Chie, Janis, and Shine ate what I put on the table. The dark wheat broccoli and chicken pasta was a little bland but I did that on purpose so everyone can season theirs with as much salt as they prefer to have (I prefer it with very little). The fish was almost overbaked but the shrimp salad topping was perfect.

Tonight: My tummy is dying for simple, crunchy veggies stir-fried in just a little EVOO. They’re waiting in the fridge, ready to be cooked and devoured. I can’t decide whether I should add mushrooms and a thick white sauce or if I should stick to simple oyster sauce. I’m going out tonight with Tita Chie and if I eat out, at least I can cook and eat the veggies tomorrow. I’m thinking of inviting a friend over to lunch because I just know that I’ll cook more than I can eat.

blueberry boy bait

Thursday: This is my baking experiment day. Luckily, my favorite Bitch & Bake ladies posted something new: Blueberry Boy Bait. As soon as I saw Jo’s pictures, I started drooling and dreaming of warm blueberries in a moist cake with cinnamon topping. Hopefully, I can perfect this and add one more baked snack to the stuff I can feed Chris with. Read about Jo’s version here. And read baking partner Bella’s version here.

Friday: I’ve been dreaming about having French toast for breakfast all week but never had time to make it. So that’s on the agenda. I haven’t decided what to eat for lunch or dinner yet but I’m definitely making brownie cupcakes with cheesy frosting later that night to bring to work on Saturday. I already made the frosting in advance so I’ll just take care of the brownie cupcakes.


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