Alet Cycled for 14 hours!

When I got up at 6:30 am for work, I saw a text message which was sent a few hours ago while I was asleep. It was from my friend, Aletski, who lives in England.

I’m in the middle of a nighttime cycling event. 120 mile ride from London to Dunwich. It’s now 1am and am not even halfway yet!!! It’s unofficial so if you can’t finished, there’s no van to take you back. Wait until morning and find the closest train. What the hell was I thinking! Why did nobody talk me out of this?!

My older-sister-panic-attack mode kicked in and I texted back:

If you told us, Tricia and I would have said it was a crazy idea. Sheesh. Are you ok? I hope you’re home. I just woke up.

Alet, Trish and I were college roommates. We met other friends in the dormitory where we stayed but it’s really the 3 of us who stuck it out and persisted with the friendship up ’til now – 7 years after we left Ateneo. Like we always say, the three of us are living proof that long-distance relationships work. Technically, Alet is the eldest but she’s the youngest in her family so I usually act as the Ate (older sister) in our little threesome. It’s been awhile since we last spent time together and I’m really looking forward to Christmas because we’re all going home this year.

I worked non-stop during the day while worrying about Alet at the back of my mind. A female alone outside the city with no ride home… if I were her, I’d be really scared and freaking out. Some time during the day, I checked my phone and saw two messages.

Still on the road. Toilet break. 35 miles more to go.

I made it to the sea! From 8:30pm-10:30am cycling. Hahaha. Not a good time, but at least I made it ; ). My legs feel like it should look like incredible hulk’s by now.

I couldn’t help laughing.

Ur fecking insane hahaha!!! But that’s why we love you. Congratulations!! Get lots of sleep and eat when you get home.

Here’s a lovely picture of Alet I took while my fiance and I met up with her in London. She looks so pretty, calm and *cough* harmless here.

sneaky picture in the museum


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