Because Unfinished Underwear Shopping Can Haunt You

Yesterday’s internet connection was not so good. I’m in the mercy of Mobily mobile broadband’s fluctuating speed, but because of where I live, I don’t really have a choice in the matter. (I heard that STC is even worse.)

I tried to call my sister Sofia several times. She made fun of my bangs and accosted me of wanting to be a “model” and stealing the limelight. I dryly assured her that she certainly is the only model in the family. She then told everyone in the family that I straightened my hair with a clothes iron and giggled throughout the whole conversation. Mean… but still cute.

The iron in question was a real hair iron, and I bought the same brand that I got Mom, BaByliss. But I didn’t get the same fancy professional model she has. A basic wet and dry one that goes up to 230 degrees is enough for me!


I’m addicted to colorful underwear. While I do have basic black, white and neutral pieces, I L♥VE undies that look like candy. They don’t have to be lacy or frothy; I’m a big fan of comfy cotton undies. And La Senza makes comfortable cotton ones that look great on the shelf and on a girl. My underwear drawer is like a painter’s palette of colors. It just amuses me that underneath the serious work/office clothes, there’s something bright that’s completely inappropriate. My only complaint about La Senza are their bras. They’re pretty but I don’t want to wear underwire all the time! Those, um, parts are soft and tend to be sensitive. There are cute bras that don’t have underwire but give great support in Marks & Spencer. Unfortunately, I think they’re for teens and don’t carry a cup C.

Last night, Tita Chie and I were in Panorama. I bought her bread with olives from Pain d’Or. While waiting for the little boys’ barber to finish their haircuts, we started shopping in La Senza only to have the shop close for prayer time just when we were ready to pay. I still feel bad about it so I gave Tita C a call this morning and found out that she was thinking of it, too. So, right after work today, we’re going to finish our lingerie shopping just before I go for tutoring duty.  Yay!

This is my reward to myself this month. I spent the whole Thursday doing chores that I barely had time to read. I’m such a bad reader these days. Chris was right. I used to speed read through my books, as if I was in a reading race. And now I read a few pages every day.


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