Melting in the Sun


  • Brownie cupcakes
  • Ina & Philip
  • Watched tennis
  • Met new friends


Chore-day. The washer-dryer hates me. But I love it, love it, love it! What could’ve taken me the whole day in our home machine took 2 1/2 hours in this apartment’s machine.


The Girls practiced their dance routine yesterday. I refused to dance in front of any camera. I refuse to dance anywhere even without a camera unless /1/ it’s a party, or /2/ there’s a pole and my [soon-to-be] husband involved. So I volunteered to be the camera girl.

I have to commend the Girls for managing to memorize the steps with little time to get ready and especially because we had to record over and over under the relentless mid-afternoon Riyadh sun. We tanned over our already natural tans. Brown-skinned Filipinas practically never get sunburned and I was so grateful for that fact yesterday. Beyond trying not to giggle, keeping the video cam steady, trying not to melt under the heat, and yelling “Rachelle, move to the left!”, it was easy work. Honestly, I can’t imagine how people who have to work outdoors every day stand this heat! In Riyadh, you don’t need to go to a sauna to get rid of that bloated feeling. Just step outside for half an hour, walk around a bit, and you’ll soon sweat buckets and feel light-headed.

I also cooked yesterday. Baked white fish with eggplant and zucchini. No salt or oil! I also discovered that chop suey seasoning is not just for chop suey. I loved what I made so much I gobbled it all in one sitting. C, who has the unfortunate job of dealing with my body issues, assured me that I eat healthy and won’t get fat. Between the heat, all the walking I’ve been doing, and my recent no-fastfood diet, I just might agree with him.


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